Youth League (Alumni)

A change of scenery can mean lots of new things – new beginnings, new approaches, new outlooks, new everything.

But for Youth League, a relocation from the sunny beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina to the grittier inland city of Durham hasn't changed a thing. As the trio prepares for the release of Second EP, still in evidence are the signatures that define their sound – layers of looping guitars, a rhythmic foundation built on a propelling sense of urgency, and short songs with complex musical profiles.

But even as the approach remains the same, Second EP displays a level of musical growth as well. As can be heard on advance single “Stay Lame,” brothers Mike and Zach Large (guitar/vocals and drums, respectively) and Jaffar Castillon-Martinez (bass) are finding new ways to explore atmosphere, melody, and structure while maintaining a central focus on writing songs that are over before you recognize just how damned good they are.

Youth League continues to defy the conventions on which their songs are built. They're still juxtaposing fist-pumping victorious singalong moments with neckbreaking riffs and packing as much as possible into short, instantly-memorable bursts of song.

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