Reveries emerged in 2016 from Walla Walla, Washington. They're a
four-piece atmospheric shoegaze band that borrows sounds from all
“Post-” genres. Reveries consists of vocalists/guitarists Jonathan
Avila and Jesse Flores, as well as bassist Jose Zaragoza and drummer
Ryan Cuillier.

Jose, Jonathan, and Jesse were no strangers to each other. All three
played in similar bands before Reveries. After the break-up of their
last band together, “Hung Up”, Jonathan and Jose went on to join
“Rookie Town”. The band later moved to Bellingham, WA with Jose
and Jonathan staying behind. Years later, Jonathan contacted Jesse and
they both began writing dreamy, heavy, and noisy pop songs. They found
Ryan through the magical wonders of Craigslist. After being asked to
play a local show, they still needed a bass player. That's when they
asked their long-time friend, Jose, to join the project.

After a year of playing local gigs, they finally sat down to record
their self-titled EP, “Reveries”, which they released in April of
2018. The EP resonated within the Shoegaze community, grabbing the
attention of several respectable music blogs and radio shows.

Reveries is currently recording and writing their 2nd EP and debut LP,
both set to release in 2019 on Cardigan Records.

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