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Iselia (Alumni)

Iselia comes from the small rural town of Lumberton North Carolina made up of members that have been close friends since high school. With a strong passion for creating music and storytelling this strong, melodic, post-hardcore band evokes inspiration with deep and emotional concepts dealing with loss and adapting to the world around you. Though dark in tones, Iselia still brings an energetic and victorious sound with every live show they play. Involving the audience in any way possible, they invite people to share the experience of reflecting lightly on past experiences with nostalgic melodies and inspiring lyrics. Currently now a four piece, Iselia continues to showcase their aggressive talent with ambient guitar, mellow synthesized undertones and two guitarists/vocalists as frontmen. Corey King brings the more passionate in your face vocal style while Molefi Ramos comes with a more clear and desperate tone. Together this blend of nostalgic chords, energetic movements and powerful concepts make up the sound that is Iselia.

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