Eggy Strange (Alumni)

Originally from Binghamton, NY but raised in the most southern part of North Carolina. Eggy Strange coming from a family of dancers both African and Caribbean has always been interested in the arts and in any form they may come in. Drawing inspiration from any media possible, Eggy Strange has always been inspired by storytelling whether it is through movies, manga, passionate album concepts or just plain old fashioned storytelling from some of the more interesting characters he has met throughout his life.

Eggy Strange is an everyman (or woman)'s artist with no political or religious affiliation but above all appreciates humanism and people reaching out to other people, living whatever life they choose to live and making an effort to really understand each other free of judgment.

Inspired by artists such as Regina Spektor, John Legend, Jonsi, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Bjork. Eggy Strange has experience with all types of genres from playing conga drums and dancing with Kuumba Cultural Arts as a young adult to composing/playing guitar/ being front man to Post-Rock/Screamo band Iselia that started in 2009. Such energy and passion is expected from this pensive state of mind up and coming artist coming out of Durham North Carolina.

"It’s a strange world we live in and if you're not careful anything could kill you. Anything could break you, entertain you or fulfill you."
-Eggy Strange