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BiggBrad is an up and coming artist from North Carolina. He is known for his high octane live show and a passion to entertain. Through this he has developed a cult following not only in North Carolina, but spanning across the country and quickly spanning around the globe.

Creative writing has always been something that has been a part of BiggBrad's life, as he has matured, music and lyricism have become his way of expressing his thoughts and emotions. "High school was a time in my life filled with many ups and downs, but I always turned to music to get me through weather I was listening to music or writing it. I have always heard people say, “The sky’s the limit,” but we have walked on the moon, so why just shoot for the sky?”

Three and a half years ago, BiggBrad decided that music was something he wanted in his life much more than just as a hobby. He started building a team of artists with the same philosophy, high energy, and passion for music. It was this high energy and passion that caught the attention of Cardigan Records.

In July 2014, BiggBrad inked a deal and became a part of the Cardigan Records family. BiggBrad’s debut EP, Self Titled, was released on October 30th, 2015.

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