We are Cardigan Records, an independent record label based in Durham, NC. We were founded by Shane Kelly in July of 2013. We are passionate about loud guitars and honest lyrics. Our diverse roster is currently home to An Author, A Poet, Jordyn Zaino, Paperback, Reveries, So Soon, The Truth, and Time Spent Driving.

At Cardigan Records, our mission is to release music that we not only love, but we believe will evoke emotion in listeners. Music serves as a type of therapy for both the listener and the artist. Cardigan strives to be the vehicle that will help this art reach those who need it the most. To give those that feel alienated and alone a community that shares the love for music and above all, hope. While the state of the music industry at large is bleak, we hope to be a spark that ignites the fire that burns inside each one of you.

Cardigan Records is distributed by AWAL/Kobalt Music.