Cardigan Records Welcomes Rookie of the Year 19 April 2018

Cardigan Records is proud to announce the signing of Rookie of the Year. The band is currently working on their follow up to their 2013 release, The Goodnight Moon Part II. Be on the lookout for the new record later this year. Until then, we would like to to share with you the unreleased track from the Rookie of the Year and Matt Thiessen (Relient K) collaboration, "Empty House".

When asked about the the track singer-songwriter Ryan Dunson elaborates,"The song “Empty House” to me makes me think about the last day you’re living in a place that you called home. Everybody always gets alittle emotional the last day before you head to your new place from the old. Memories sometimes is all we have and I tried to capture that. I’m losing my parent's lake house this year where I’ve written most of my songs. So we brought the video crew in and shot the video at the cabin. This song/video really means a lot to me."